Юный Чемпион Чехии
Чемпион Чехии
Чемпион Словакии, Чемпион России
ataxia - clear
Height: 48sm
Piai TZH Red Rum Piai I'M Red Abate Ortega Tipit z Hanky
Happy Rock of Bazotown
 Fulfill Our Dreams Nike Of Piai Kan Trace Radames Black
Sweet Obsession Witch
Ch. Pipa Tipit Z Hanky Ch.INT Royal Courts Tipit Z Calvin Ch. WW08,10,12, BIS, BISS MULTI, INT, AKC Royal Court Winning Colors
Ch. Royal Courts Mad About You
Ch. Doch an Doris Tipit Z Hanky Ch. Alpine's Rio Grande
Ch. Muramixa Tipit Z Hanky
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